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Concrete Overlay

We specialize in decorative concrete overlays that will maintain the look and longevity of your floors for years to come.

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Get Your Concrete Flooring Done With The Help Of Our Professionals In Waukesha, WI

Do you want a gorgeous concrete flooring with natural beauty, high resistance, and strong durability? Well, you’ve come to the right place! At Decorative Concrete Surfacing, we specialize in decorative concrete overlays that will maintain the look and longevity of your floors for years to come. Concrete overlays are popular for anyone who wants to revitalize the look of their concrete without expensive removal or replacement processes. Overlays can create smooth or textured floors with a variety of patterns, consistencies, and appearances. It’s important to note that not all concrete works with overlays. You need a solid, secure, clean subfloor before an overlay will work. This starts with a strong maintenance, cleaning, and repair process for your concrete.

Spruce Up Your Property With A Professional Concrete Contractor

Does your concrete driveway,  concrete steps, concrete sidewalk, concrete wall or concrete slab need some sprucing up? A concrete overlay could be the perfect solution! Concrete overlays are a great way to transform an old, dingy concrete surface into a beautiful new one. They can also be used to cover up minor imperfections in your existing concrete—like cracks or stains—to give it a fresh, revitalized look.

But what exactly is a concrete overlay? It’s a thin layer of cement mixed with stone dust and other materials (like color) that’s applied over your existing concrete to give it a whole new look and feel. The process for applying an overlay is similar to tiling: leveling the surface before laying down adhesive so the overlay sits flush against it. Can you use an overlay on any type of concrete surface? Yes! In fact, overlays are often used on residential driveways, patios and sidewalks because they’re so easy to install and maintain. You can even install an overlay over minor imperfections like stains or cracks if you want to hide them up for good!

Reach Out To Our Commercial Concrete Contractors

If you’re looking for concrete overlay services, look no further! At Decorative Concrete Surfacing, we provide floor epoxy coating for your home or business. Our team of professionals can handle any job you have—from small concrete overlays to large jobs like floors and more. Our team is fully trained to use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to ensure a quality product that will last. We offer free estimates, so you’re interested in an epoxy concrete floor coating, give us a call today to schedule yours!

Types of Decorative Overlays

  • Micro Toppings

    A great way to revitalize old or worn concrete. These overlays usually come in white or gray, and they are usually a thin application up to 1/8 inch. Coarse-grade microtops are often used to fill in damaged spots on the concrete floor, creating a blank canvas for you to use as you wish! Fine-grade microtops can then smooth out the surface so it's ready for staining, designs, and more. You can use a microtop to create a level floor and then stamp your design into it!

  • Self-Leveling Overlays

    Self-leveling overlays are slightly thicker, up to 1 inch, and they’re used to structurally restore worn or damaged concrete. These overlays flatten out on their own to create a smooth, level surface. They are often used as an underlayment for other flooring products like stains and seals. These can be highly temperamental and need to be followed to the letter of the data sheet.

  • Multipurpose Overlays

    Think of multipurpose overlays as the creative outlet of concrete. These overlays are made up primarily of sand, making them highly moldable to your needs. You can texture and design these as you please using a trowel, hopper gun, or even a broom. If you have an artist on your flooring team, they’ll enjoy using multipurpose overlays to create a unique look to the floor. However, this is only recommended for professionals who understand the intricacies of working with concrete.