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Why is Decorative Concrete Surfacing LLC Your Trusted Name in Concrete Services?

 Decorative Concrete Surfacing LLC is your trusted name in concrete services. We have been providing quality concrete services since 2000. We have over two decades of concrete experience and pool working with all major suppliers to ensure the best possible outcome for your project, whether it is a driveway, pool, patio, or sidewalk. We believe that our customers should always be treated with respect and their needs should always be met.

We offer free estimates on all projects, so you know exactly what you are getting into before signing off on anything. Our company has been recognized as a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2005, so you can rest assured knowing that we are an established business who cares about customer satisfaction above all else. We want you to come back to us again and again for all your concrete needs!

Superior Concrete service near me

Superior Service

We love providing a service that makes you a happy client and allows you to enjoy the benefits of our work immediately.

Quality concrete work near me

Quality Work

Our superior craftsmanship shows in the quality of our services. We follow manufacturers’ instructions and the correct principles.

Customer Satisfaction Concrete services

Customer Satisfaction

We understand that our success depends on your satisfaction which is why we always put our customers first.

We’ll Make Your Life Easier

Four Easy Steps For A Virtual Estimate

Have you ever needed to have your driveway, patio, or walkway done, but didn’t want to miss work or be inconvenienced at your home? At Decorative Concrete Surfacing, we understand that sometimes you just don’t have time to do all the work yourself. That’s why we’re here! Our process is simple:

Take multiple pictures of your project area with your smartphone.

Measure the area you wish to have done in feet and inches.

Text or Email this information to us at (414) 397-3017 or Badassconcrete1@gmail.com.

Explain any concerns or issues you know of with regards to this project.

It’s really just that easy!

If we have the detailed pictures and dimensions of your project, we can get you an estimated cost typically within 24 hours. No need to schedule an appointment, miss work, or be inconvenienced at your home. You can do these easy steps any time day or night and send them to us. Once you have the estimate, you can simply sign the document to move forward with the project! At Decorative Concrete Surfacing, we are ALWAYS striving to make life just a little more comfortable for all.