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When you want top quality custom coating services for concrete, Decorative Concrete Surfacing is the company to come to. We cater to a large number of commercial and residential clients across S.E. Wisconsin With over two decades of experience in the field.

Custom Coating Services

Our stunning custom concrete coatings are all throughout the indoor and outdoor spaces of properties all over S.E. Wisconsin. Call us TODAY to join our long list of satisfied customers

We have in-depth discussions with you to understand what your specific requirements are and ensure that the coatings that we provide meet your specific needs. We use top quality custom coating products, which not only provide your outdoor concrete surfaces the protection they need but keep them looking great as well. These cement coatings are applied at a certain thickness which helps seal and refresh the concrete surface they are applied to.

They are perfect for indoor or outdoor concrete flatwork that needs extra protection right round the year. This coating can either be colored or sprayed, and it adds a very thin layer which covers the subsurface. In fact, this material is extremely versatile and can be textured, colored, or smooth and even depending on the aesthetics needed to be achieved in a particular project.