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Retaining Wall

At Decorative Concrete Surfacing, we’re dedicated to elevating outdoor spaces through meticulously designed and installed retaining walls. Specializing in retaining walls across Wisconsin, our expertise in stamped concrete, concrete overlays, and decorative concrete ensures not only functional support but also an enhancement to the aesthetic appeal of any landscape.

Why Retaining Walls?

Retaining walls is critical in landscape architecture, offering both practical benefits and aesthetic enhancement. Beyond their primary function of preventing soil erosion and managing water runoff, retaining walls can transform an outdoor area into a structured, visually appealing space. Whether you want to create additional usable land on a sloped property, establish clear boundaries, or add a decorative feature, retaining walls is a versatile solution.

Our Comprehensive Retaining Wall Solutions

Our Comprehensive Retaining Wall Solutions at Decorative Concrete Surfacing are tailored to meet the diverse needs of Wisconsin homeowners and businesses. We specialize in creating retaining walls that are functional and aesthetically pleasing, blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape while providing crucial structural support. Here’s a closer look at our holistic approach to retaining wall services:

Design Innovations

The journey to a beautiful and practical retaining wall starts with design. Our collaborative approach ensures your vision and landscape’s needs guide every decision. With an array of design possibilities ranging from traditional straight lines to intricate curves and tiers, our team is skilled in creating retaining walls that are beautiful and functional.

  • Aesthetic Meets Function: Our custom solutions explore the harmony between functional, structural support and stunning design.
  • Personalized Style: To reflect your style, choose from various finishes that mimic natural stone, brick, or even bespoke patterns.

The Installation Process

Our retaining wall installations stand the test of time, thanks to our commitment to using the highest quality materials and adherence to industry best practices. The process involves:

  • Site Preparation: Ensuring the ground is adequately prepared for a lasting structure.
  • Material Excellence: Utilizing top-grade stamped concrete and concrete overlays for durability and style.
  • Professional Execution: Our experienced team carefully constructs each wall, paying close attention to detail and structural integrity.

Maintenance and Care

Retaining walls built with decorative concrete are deficient maintenance, yet a few simple practices will keep them looking their best:

  • Routine Cleaning: Gentle washing can remove dirt and debris, maintaining the wall’s appearance.
  • Sealant Application: Periodic sealing helps protect the concrete from moisture and weathering, prolonging its life and beauty.

The Decorative Concrete Surfacing Difference

Choosing Decorative Concrete Surfacing means partnering with experts who value quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction above all. Our portfolio showcases a range of successful projects, each reflecting our ability to tailor our services to our clients’ unique needs and visions.

Versatility in Design

Our proficiency in stamped concrete and concrete overlays offers unparalleled aesthetic options. Whether you’re drawn to the classic look of cobblestone, the rustic charm of wood, or the sleek appeal of polished stone, we can bring those designs to life in your retaining wall.

Proven Durability

Decorative concrete offers diverse design options and ensures your retaining wall will endure the elements. Resistant to wear and tear, these materials ensure your investment remains strong and beautiful for years.

Beyond the Wall – Enhancing Your Entire Landscape

A well-designed retaining wall does more than hold back soil—it can be the cornerstone of an entire landscape design. Consider these additional benefits:

  • Terraced Gardens: Turn a sloped yard into a series of level, usable garden beds, perfect for planting flowers, vegetables, or ornamental shrubs.
  • Outdoor Living Spaces: Use retaining walls to create distinct outdoor rooms, including patios, fire pit areas, or outdoor kitchens.
  • Increased Property Value: Aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor spaces can significantly increase your property’s market value.

Transforming Landscapes Across Wisconsin

From residential homes to commercial properties, our retaining walls have provided essential support and added beauty to various landscapes. Here are just a few ways our clients have benefited from our services:

  • Erosion Control: Safeguard your property from erosion while adding visual interest.
  • Terraced Gardens: Maximize your usable space with elegantly tiered garden beds.
  • Boundary Walls: Define your property lines in style with custom-designed walls.


At Decorative Concrete Surfacing, your outdoor space should be as inviting and beautiful as your indoor living areas. We’re ready to transform your landscape with our expertise in retaining walls, stamped concrete, concrete overlays, and decorative concrete. Discover the potential of professional retaining wall services to enhance the form and function of your outdoor spaces. Visit our website to learn more and start your journey to a more beautiful, functional outdoor area today.