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Stamped concrete has been attracting more homeowners & business who want an outdoor surface that offers the ultimate in design versatility and value to their investment. Stamped concrete also has the edge when it comes to durability and low maintenance. With the MANY patterns that we have available, you’ll have more design options than ever before.

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For new construction, we place the required 4″ concrete slab. At the same time, you’ll get your colors and design. This helps to eliminate the waiting period for the concrete to cur/set-up before any other type of material can be placed over it. It’s almost like a one stop shop, concrete 1st, colors 2nd, design 3rd while the concrete is still wet. Once the area is washed to the desired color shading, saw cuts are placed and ALL is sealed for future protection.

Sounds pretty easy but we at Decorative Concrete Surfacing, today, still install the OLE WORLD/fashioned WAY. Our stamping process is not by roller, nor stencil. Large rubber tools are impressed into the wet surface to create the look of natural materials like Wood Plank, Brick, Slate, Cobble Stone, Random Stone, and so many more

Who has the time?

With a “solid” foundation, there is no need to worry over future maintenance issue such as weeds, ants, shifting of individual stones/bricks, replacement of sand or grout & smells. The sealers used to preserve the color & design render the surface non pores. Cleaning of your new patio, pool deck, driveway, entryway or other decorative surfaces is by simply using a low psi pressure washer &/or broom with a

What is Your Homes “Style/Design?”

Contemporary – Slate or Tile, Ole English, Travertine.
Tuscan Style – Stone Texture (seamless) Fossil
English/Traditional – Brick, Flagstone, Cobble Stone, Ashler Slate, European Fan, Travertine.
Tropical – Flagstone, Faux Rock Texture, Sea Shell Border, Texture Skin with Tropical Imprinted plants/leaves.
Old World – Brick, Herringbone, Cobble Stone, Ole English, English Ashlar & Seamless Italian Slate.

Ask your design consultant about the DECORATIVE BORDERS.

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